About The Guild

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization that promotes study and interest in weaving and the related fiber arts – including spinning, felting, dyeing, knitting, and other textile-related work. Anyone is welcome to join. Our members live primarily in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding region, while our newsletter members live across the nation and abroad.

What We Do

We're brought together by our shared interests in weaving and the fiber arts and a desire for community. Some of our long-time weavers have been at the loom for more than 30 years and willingly share that knowledge. Other members may be first-time weavers or people who have an interest in any number of fiber-related crafts. In the Guild, they find a welcoming place where they can learn new skills.

Our monthly program highlights a topic or an artist. Recent programs have ranged from rug weaving to large-scale tapestry to a travelogue of textile work in Ghana. We've featured panel discussions about the vagaries of warp and weft as well as inspirational portfolios showcasing an artist's career. Along with our monthly programs, we present workshops two or three times a year for in-depth study. See our Programs page for details. 

We operate the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center as our main educational outreach effort, with instructors who teach courses in a wide range of weaving and fiber arts.

As a major fund-raising effort, we hold an annual Holiday Sale in early November. Here, our members offer a wide range of wearables, fashion accessories, jewelry, fine arts and other crafts. Come to buy and learn more about fiber arts, the Weaving Center, and the Guild!

Our Volunteer Commitment

With a membership today of roughly 180 weavers and fiber artists, the Guild relies on the volunteer efforts of all our members to maintain an active, successful organization. Our mission continues much as it was established more than 70 years ago:

  • To foster development and appreciation of weaving and related textile arts by promoting public interest in the medium.
  • To promote weaving and fiber arts as an educational tool by providing opportunities for study and experience.
  • To hold classes, workshops, and exhibitions and to promote the study of weaving and the related fiber arts.
  • To encourage and promote cooperation and exchange of ideas among weavers and others engaged in weaving and fiber arts.