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January 10, 2024 | “Power Point & Trunk Show” with Pat Pauly

Guild Monthly Meeting

9:30am, First Baptist Church in person and on zoom

Pat Pauly

The art world is full of bizarre ways to tease out work through themes, media, or (worst) deadlines. Take a look at how Pat Pauly embraces a challenge, sees a design decision, and comes up with a solution no one else would think to make. And be sure to take notes on how to use a challenge to turn obtuse ideas into successful work. The PowerPoint presentation is full of examples, with 350 images never enough.


With works that carry a graphic, color-saturated palette using her hand printed fabric, Pat Pauly’s fiber art is seen around the world. Her textile work began in the early 1980s and was first accepted in Quilt National ’83, and has continued being shown in major exhibitions. Her fiber art’s distinction is with using a strong abstraction of natural forms and complex color combinations. Her work is in both private and public collections.

With a degree in art, and graduate work in design and fine art, Pat chose fiber art as the perfect amalgam of construction, painting and printmaking. She has taught throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia, in design and surface design. Her lectures are fast paced, funny, and often speak on the intersection of traditional quilt arts with contemporary fiber art. She brings the same pace and relaxed atmosphere to her workshops.

Often seen in exhibitions, Pat’s work is also widely published, and she has appeared in Quilting Arts televised segments. If not teaching, she is found in her studio in Rochester, New York where she has the best advantage of being surrounded by great artists as well as the beauty of the Finger Lakes.

Learn more about Pat on her website;


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