Programs and Workshops

May11-12, 2022 | “Felted Flowers and Beads” with Renate Maile-Moskowitz 

Guild Monthly Meeting

Wed. noon, Thurs. 9:30am, First Baptist Church in person

Renate's Felted Flowers

24 lucky participants will be gathered in our Hubble Hall, to create one felted flower and felted beads, These will entice weavers to add to their fringe, jewelers to their wires or stringing, possibly becoming a brooch, buttons, strung jewelry elements or even a pincushion!



June11-12, 2022 | Guild Picnic, Annual Meeting, and Members Only Sale 

Guild Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, 10:30am, Stevens Pavilion, Veterans Memorial Park, Henrietta

Even with our increased vaccines, we need to be aware that our attendance and social distancing needs to be monitored. We may need to spread our own lawn chairs and use nearby picnic tables to maintain a smaller number under the pavilion.

Information about our only Members Sale (at a Guild Meeting): Members may bring some items to the picnic to sell or give to other members. You may set up card tables along the walk way to the pavilion (weather permitting) or open your trunks, along the parking lot. No commission or fees for this opportunity.

This parking lot has two handicapped spots. This lot may also used by the playground visitors. There is another parking lot on the west side of the playground.
Stevens Pavilion is located behind the Henrietta Recreation Center. Drive past the Henrietta Recreation Center straight towards the rear of the park.
Please bring:

  • Your Brown Bag Picnic,
  • A Lawn Chair,
  • Show-n-Tell,
  • Your membership renewal checks,
  • and Committee reports!

Restrooms are located nearby at the playground.



Coming Up: 2022-2023 is being planned.