Programs and Workshops

January 11, 2023 | "My Journey as a Fiber Artist (Multimedia fiber art)" with Boisali Biswas

Guild Monthly Meeting

9:30am, First Baptist Church in person and Program on Zoom

Boisali Biswas

I talk about my journey of over 30 years in this country, more than half my life now. I call myself a mixed media Fiber artist because I like both weaving and surface design. And often times I combine them both in my work. I love to use unconventional materials and try to upcycle throwaway materials, which do not biodegrade or are not recyclable. Sometimes my work becomes pretty complex because I use various techniques and materials, whatever works best for my idea. I usually encourage people to spend some time on my website to make themselves a little familiar with my work. I can't include all the work that I have on my website but have about 90 slides, which have been chosen to categorize the different types of work I have been making over the years.


February 8, 2023 | "The Loom Room France - Woven Optical Illusions" with Stacey Harvey-Brown

Guild Monthly Meeting

9:30am, First Baptist Church in person and Program on Zoom

Stacey Harvey-Brown

Woven Optical Effects are a source of wonder and curiosity for many people. Weavers are certainly no exception and studies have been made looking at visual effects in weave for many years. Here we also look at optical effects from the standpoint of printed optical effects, digging deep to find the design nuggets that give the essence of the effect and which can translate successfully into the subtle dimensionality of weaving.

Katharina and Stacey have been collaborating in exploring the wonderful world of optical illusions and visual perturbations in an ongoing 3-year project. Various optical effects from the fields of op art, visual effects and visual effects in weaving have been explored, including op-art movement effects, Twisted Cord effects, classic effects and depth illusions to name but a few and translating them into different weave structures and colour experiments, including multicolour taqueté, Summer & Winter, 4-colour double weave, colour-and-weave, shadow weave and deflected double weave.

In this presentation, Stacey will share their journey, discoveries and the fascination of woven optical illusions.

Stacey Harvey-Brown has been an insatiably curious weaver for nearly 30 years who loves to explore themes such as growth forms, phase transitions, and optical effects, diving deep into the fascinating worlds and technical paths that these open up. She develops artwork, books and teaching materials from her research and passes on her discoveries in studio and online courses from her studio in SW France. She has been joined in the optical effects project by Katharina Krönig, who has designed textiles for industry, and together they have written a book on many different forms of optical effects and illusions published in 2022.


March 8, 2023 | "Scholarship Report Go Big! Go Bold!" with Cheryl Molesky

Guild Monthly Meeting and Just-the-Ticket auction

9:30am, First Baptist Church in person and on Zoom

Cheryl Molesky

Cheryl attended a 5 day workshop at Quilts by the Lake 2022, taking a class with Pat Pauly (Rochester artist).


I will share my learning experience with the guild by displaying and speaking about the work produced during the workshop. Here is the class description-Join Pat Pauly for this five-day workshop where we print large scale fabric throughout the week. With a myriad of printing techniques using fiber reactive dye on fabric we’ll use large graphics to produce whole cloth works. Silk screen, mono-print, stencil – along with a few more techniques – are used to print large images that can become the finished whole cloth. This class is for those already experienced with printing, and is designed for intermediate or advanced printers. Print with an eye on the whole design and Go Big, Go Bold. 


Plus- Our annual Guild Fundraiser

“Just-the-Ticket” auction-

be saving your Textile Treasures (books, yarns, tools...) to bring!


Coming Up: 2023 


April 12, 2023 | “From Shepard to Roving” with Ellen McCarthy 

April 12, 2023 | "Tool Basket" 1/2 day workshop with Ellen McCarthy

May 10, 2023 | "Shifted Ikat" with Mary Zicafoose

May 10-12, 2023 | "Shifted Ikat Scarf" Workshop with Mary Zicafoose

June 14, 2023 | Picnic and Annual Meeting